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Save 5% Of Your Claim award in our Success Fee Sale  There have been so many changes to injury claims funding over the years that it is difficult for lawyers to keep up never mind the poor injured man or woman in the street. What used to be an essentially free service has changed to one where the injured person is expected to contribute heavily towards their own legal costs if they make a claim. You may well ask, why being an innocent party, getting injured should cost you money. A very good question, but over the last 20 years  various governments ...
18 June, 2018 | General news | #success fee
Happy New Year!  2017 was a fantastic year, and we all had a wonderful Christmas break.  And now everyone is back in the office to start working on all of your personal injury claims! So if you've had an accident over the festive season that wasn't your fault, get in touch with the 'no win no fee' personal injury specialists here at PIPLaw.  They're here to help you every step of the way through your claim. [embed][/embed]
23 January, 2018 | General news
In our latest vlawg, the personal injury team at PIPLaw are having a Christmas jumper day.  Not only that, there's a competition to see who has the best jumper!  So who do you think could win? The winner gets a nice bottle of bubbly to enjoy over the Christmas period.   [embed][/embed] If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, then The Personal Injury Practice’s team of No Win No Fee Solicitors are here to help you. In just a few minutes you can start your Claim today.
23 January, 2018 | General news
We have a new member of the PIPLaw team to introduce today!  Even though he's incredibly cute and fluffy, we doubt that he'd be working on any of the personal injury claims at the office. He makes a fantastic cup of tea though! [embed][/embed]    
23 January, 2018 | General news
Well it's the office Christmas party here at PIPLaw, and everyone is in high spirits!  Hopefully no one gets into any accidents whilst they're out enjoying themselves. [embed][/embed]
23 January, 2018 | General news
It's our first ever Vlog (or Vlawg...See what we did there?) so please go easy on us! Dolly is here to show you the daily goings on here at PIPLaw, so make sure you keep in touch. [embed][/embed]  
23 January, 2018 | General news
New diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution, the government has announced. Ministers have also unveiled a £255m fund to help councils tackle emissions, including the potential for charging zones for the dirtiest vehicles. But the £3bn clean air strategy does not include a scrappage scheme, calling previous ones "poor value" for money. Local government leaders welcomed the funding but called for more detail. Local authorities will be given direct financial support from the government, with £40m of the fund being made immediately. They can use the funds for a range of measures, ...
28 July, 2017 | General news
‘The whole legal edifice is vulnerable,’ according to Michael Ford, a professor of employment law at the University of Bristol Law School Women won a record number of seats in the general election in June, but women’s groups fear Britain’s planned departure from the European Union could roll back decades of other meaningful advances for working women. After Brexit, the UK won’t have to adhere to the EU’s minimum standards for worker protections, many of which are stronger than member countries might enact on their own. The EU also gives workers the right to appeal cases and claims to the European Court of ...
19 July, 2017 | General news
While the Queen's speech may have proved controversial to many, it also gave an indication of some of the new laws set to come into effect in the UK. The new legislation includes improvements for those of you with electric cars, protection for holidaymakers booking online and potentially tougher sentences for domestic abusers. Here are the news bills set to be rolled out across the UK within the next two years: Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill This bill will set up a network of charging points for cars and ensures insurance is available for self-driving cars. This means hundreds of charging points will have to be installed ...
29 June, 2017 | General news
2017 is a year of major change in terms of legislation. This year has seen plenty of changes - some of which, we're sure, you've probably already heard of. Typically, it takes a while for laws to come into effect after the Government first announces them. So don't be alarmed if you already know these laws below. But you should definitely be aware - and, if you didn't know about them, you do now. These are the laws it's imperative you know about over the course of 2017 - and, more importantly, how they are set to impact your day-to-day life. A rise to the minimum ...
30 May, 2017 | General news
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