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Claiming Compensation for a Public Place Accident


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As a specialist personal injury solicitors PIP Law have experience in compensation claims for injuries that occur as a result of an accident in public place. These can include:

  • Trips in the street
  • Slipping on the pavement
  • Accidents in shops
  • Falls at work

The owner of any premises open to the public has a legal duty to ensure that you are safe from slips, trips and falls, when walking in their property. If they have neglected their duty and their negligence has caused you to injure yourself then you may be able to claim compensation. Examples of such accidents include falls caused by uneven paving slabs, trailing cables at work or a spillage on the floor in a shop that has not been cleaned up promptly.

The owners of any public place should have insurance to cover any personal injury compensation claims resulting from accidents on their premises. The local council will be insured for any claims resulting from accidents on the street or in the road caused by their negligence such as bad maintenance. You can claim compensation for your pain and suffering together with any financial losses such as loss of income or costs involved in medical treatment resulting from your injury.

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Claiming Compensation for a Public Place Accident