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Getting to Know You

by pip-admin

Getting to Know You

When you have had an accident you are faced with a bewildering choice of who to use to help you with your claim.

You might be pushed in the way of a claims handler who works with your car insurance company.

You might consider an ‘Accidents R Us’ claims company.

You might look at big online law firms

But if you want someone that’s interested in getting to know you then you will need a local personal injury specialist firm, like us.

So, why is that better for you and your claim ?

The problem with the first three options is, and you have to ask yourself, do they really care about getting to know you and helping you with your claim ? or, as is more likely, are they just interested in a quick financial turn around.

To us, it makes common sense, that when you know someone, then you want to work harder for them. We work hard at getting to know you and as a result we not only want to work harder for you and go the extra mile but also, crucially, by understanding you, we know just how the accident has affected you and this understanding can have a major impact on your award.

Take Eileen*, she and had a fall in a shop and hurt her hip. Eileen had been offered an amount by the insurance company to settle her claim on the basis that she was elderly and did not get about much anyway. We went to see Eileen and in her flat where she showed to us photographs of her ball room dancing. These were taken just months before he accident.  We sent copies of these to the insurer and pointed out the effect her accident had on her favourite pastime. Ultimately we obtained twice the award they had first offered.

Another example is Paul*. Paul was hit on the head during an accident at work. The doctors were sure that there had been no impairment to Paul’s cognitive function but as we got to know him more and more we realised that there was something not quite right. Several referrals later we received a report that confirmed that Paul had suffered post concussion syndrome with neuro psychological impairment. As a result of us identifying this and taking the steps we did, Paul received an award tens of thousands of pounds greater than he would otherwise have done.

In both cases it is hard to see how a company trying to deal with the claim over the telephone, without properly getting to know their client, would have spotted the issues, and it is probable that both Eileen and Paul would have lost a huge part of their respective awards.

In addition to wanting to get to know you, we are of course highly trained and accredited (with APIL the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) specialist injury law firm. So you are in safe as well as friendly hands.

So if you have an accident and want to make a claim perhaps it is worth asking yourself if the people helping you actually want to get to know you or whether they just want a quick pay day.

Dominic Moss

APIL Fellow

* names and circumstances have been changed to protect our clients’ identity.

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Getting to Know You