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20% Success Fee Now Available

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Save 5% Of Your Claim award in our Success Fee Sale 

There have been so many changes to injury claims funding over the years that it is difficult for lawyers to keep up never mind the poor injured man or woman in the street. What used to be an essentially free service has changed to one where the injured person is expected to contribute heavily towards their own legal costs if they make a claim.

You may well ask, why being an innocent party, getting injured should cost you money. A very good question, but over the last 20 years  various governments of all flavors seem to think that this is alright. We are where we are !

Where are we Today ?

For the present, the situation is that if you have an accident and you pay your legal fees  on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis you will probably pay 25% of you award to your solicitors.

That’s why we at PIPLaw have set up our 20/20 claims service

Pay only 20% success fee using our 20/20 claims service 

Whilst we wish we could help you for 0%,sadly we can’t, but what we can do is offer you a great deal where we guarantee that we will charge no more than 20% and you will keep at least 80% of your reward. That a massive saving of 5% which on a average claim might save you £200*. if you have had a serious accident then you could be talking thousands.

So if you want to take advantage of our 20/20 offer don’t forget to type in PIP20 in the contact form when you contact us or if you call, quote the reference PIP20. Same great solicitors, same personal service, just less to pay. Call or message us today.


* Based on the average settlement of our claims over the last year. This offer is available on qualifying claims only and is subject to you typing offer code PIP20 in the inquiry form when you first contact us or quoting PIP20 when you first call.

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