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Need help with Debt Recovery?


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A person or company that owes you money is called a ‘debtor’. If they won’t pay you, there are ways of recovering the money. What action you take will depend on the size of the debt and your ability to prove that they owe you the money. 

Help with Debt Recovery

The first thing to do when trying to recover a debt is to write to the debtor, setting out the facts of the situation. It’s important to include information such as dated copies of all relevant paperwork, a request for them to explain why they are not paying and a date by which you expect payment.

You may have already tried to recover this debt and had no response. If your debtor doesn’t respond to your letters and still won’t pay, it can be beneficial to discuss the case with a solicitor who’s experienced in debt recovery.

They will write a letter to your debtor informing them that legal action will be taken if they don’t pay.

A solicitor’s letter often produces quick results.

Consulting a solicitor can also help define your legal situation and they can advise on any further action that may be taken.

PIP Law Solicitors have extensive experience in debt recovery issues.

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Need help with Debt Recovery?