Getting to Know You When you have had an accident you are faced with a bewildering choice of who to use to help you with your claim. You might be pushed in the way of a claims handler who works with your car insurance company. You might consider an ‘Accidents R Us’ claims company. You might look at big online law firms But if you want someone that’s interested in getting to know you then you will need a local personal injury specialist firm, like us. So, why is that better for you and your claim ? The problem with the first three options is, and you ...
06 August, 2018 | Injury claims news
Not happy ? Want to switch injury lawyers ? Are you making a claim for injury compensation ? Are you unhappy with your current injury lawyers ? Sometimes you only realise that your solicitors are not up to the job when things get difficult.  Its not too late to change ! Switch injury lawyers now ! Many of our clients instructed injury lawyers that an insurance company or a claims company pushed them to. Sometimes the injury lawyers are unqualified or uncaring. Case Study In a recent case our client Mrs T of Cheshire was half way through a case and being pressurised to ...
21 June, 2018 | Injury claims news | #Personal Injury
Save 5% Of Your Claim award in our Success Fee Sale  There have been so many changes to injury claims funding over the years that it is difficult for lawyers to keep up never mind the poor injured man or woman in the street. What used to be an essentially free service has changed to one where the injured person is expected to contribute heavily towards their own legal costs if they make a claim. You may well ask, why being an innocent party, getting injured should cost you money. A very good question, but over the last 20 years  various governments ...
18 June, 2018 | General news | #success fee
If you have been injured at work you are not alone. Whilst injuries to people just doing there job are on the decrease, it as a sad trust that the number of people injured at work is still too high. In these times of austerity it is not the time to cut back on Health and Safety but to rather encourage it as every accident where someone is injured at work costs money.   Below, Roger Bibbings, RoSPA's Occupational Safety Adviser talks about how, during these times of austerity, now is not the time to cut back, but instead invest in health ...
16 April, 2018 | Uncategorized
Most of the time, we're talking about really serious problems for people who are going to suffer for years to come. Usually, people will be sat around a table with others telling them the same thing, "Your back injury started because of something else..." People cave in and settle the claim for much less than it is worth. We do more work; we look through the medical reports; we get to know you - and the results show. Watch the video below as we talk about how a Lady was dancing with the Captain of a Cruise ship just one month before her ...
20 February, 2018 | Injury claims news | #Personal Injury
The vast majority of Personal Injury Cases in this country are dealt with by maybe ten or twenty law firms who don't know who you are. They will deal with most people pretty well, but if you don't quite fall into those categories, you could end up missing out. We take the time and effort to get to know you personally. Watch the video below to see how PIPLAW helped one man discover his Traumatic Brain Injury after having delved in deeper into the case that ended in a much higher claim than first thought...
20 February, 2018 | Injury claims news | #Personal Injury
Today is a very special day for one of our personal injury team.  Our Accounting whizz, Dee has turned 60 today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE! We hope you have a lovely birthday. [embed][/embed] Even though we're celebrating a Birthday in the office, we're still working hard on claims, so if you've had an accident at work, a slip trip or fall that wasn't your fault, you've always got our friendly experts of personal injury lawyers at PIPLaw to help you make a claim. So get in touch today and start your no win no fee claim!
23 January, 2018 | Injury claims news | #PIP #PIPLaw #vlog
Happy New Year!  2017 was a fantastic year, and we all had a wonderful Christmas break.  And now everyone is back in the office to start working on all of your personal injury claims! So if you've had an accident over the festive season that wasn't your fault, get in touch with the 'no win no fee' personal injury specialists here at PIPLaw.  They're here to help you every step of the way through your claim. [embed][/embed]
23 January, 2018 | General news
In our latest vlawg, the personal injury team at PIPLaw are having a Christmas jumper day.  Not only that, there's a competition to see who has the best jumper!  So who do you think could win? The winner gets a nice bottle of bubbly to enjoy over the Christmas period.   [embed][/embed] If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, then The Personal Injury Practice’s team of No Win No Fee Solicitors are here to help you. In just a few minutes you can start your Claim today.
23 January, 2018 | General news
We have a new member of the PIPLaw team to introduce today!  Even though he's incredibly cute and fluffy, we doubt that he'd be working on any of the personal injury claims at the office. He makes a fantastic cup of tea though! [embed][/embed]    
23 January, 2018 | General news
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