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Macclesfield is a Market Town occupying an elevated position in Cheshire and is noted to be the only Mill Town the Luftwaffe didn`t bother to bomb. Fans of Dvorak will be interested to learn that it is the original home of Hovis bread, long associated with his New World Symphony. But assumptions that the Mill Town appearance of the hills means a past of Wool or cotton industry will be confounded to discover the rich heritage of the Town in Silk production and the local museum will feast your eyes on Tapestry; little wonder the local branch of Waterstones displays prominently a book detailing the history of the Silk Road written in recent years to critical acclaim by Peter Frankopan. The Silk Brass Band won the national championship as recently as 2003 and some will recognise the town as the location of Sir John Mills 1947 classic So Well Remembered.

The population of Macclesfield at the 2011 census was 52,044. A person from Macclesfield is sometimes referred to as a "Maxonian" to themselves but in recent decades the less salubrious elements of the Town have revelled in the epithet of “The Macc lads”. Macclesfield, like many other areas in Cheshire, is a relatively affluent town and the shopping area reflects the needs of the growing middle class in the locality. It is the home of fashionable furniture store Ariga Bianchi.

In terms of football teams, Macclesfield Town is fondly followed by the lads and spiritual needs are better met by a fine Pugin Church on Chester Road together with pretty St Michaels on top of a hill that is said to contain a cross engrailed charged with a mullet.

Political discourse in the Town spawned two local notable commentators, the late Brian Redhead and Nick Robinson. Exit from the town is amply provided for via the A537, A538 and A523. The Jacobite Army under a Scotsman is recorded to have marched through the town, possibly on the lookout for socks, in 1745. If the Aliens ever descend, the Town may hear of it early thanks to nearby Jodrell Bank observatory.

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