Accidents at Work

Workplace Accident Solicitors

Accidents that occur at work are today still, sadly, all too frequent events.

Industrial accidents include those associated with lifting, operating machinery, falls in the workplace, inadequate or defective safety equipment, and the negligent acts of a fellow worker.

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We can help you by:

  • Obtaining compensation for your workplace injury.
  • Recovering any loss of earnings that you may have incurred as a result of your workplace injury.
  • Providing access to specialist rehabilitation care
  • Accident at work advice
  • Find out what to do after an accident at work
  • Find out your rights after a workplace injury

The difference we make:

  • We will deal with your employers insurers, detailing the accident circumstances and the injuries you sustained and ultimately obtain compensation for your injuries.
  • Importantly we will also endeavour to recover any loss of earnings you might have sustained.

Did you know?

  • By law employers have to take out Employers Liability Insurance to protect their employees in the event of an accident or injury at work.
  • By claiming compensation for a workplace accident you will not only obtain your rightful compensation but also ensure that in future health and safety issues will be given proper priority and thereby help prevent future accidents and work injuries.

Case Study

Mr G, a builder instructed by his employer to climb on to a flat roof of a garage in order to gain access to a rear garden without proper safety equipment or a safe system of work, received £6,500 for an ankle injury after the roof gave way.

What we did

Mr G instructed us after he had fallen from the roof onto a car parked in the garage below, landing heavily on his left ankle.

Despite the fact that the defendant in the claim denied liability throughout, alleging that Mr G had been the author of his own misfortune, we continued to claim that the defendant had allowed him to work in an unsafe way and without safety equipment, and the defendant eventual agreed to pay out Mr G in full.


Mr G was required to walk across a flat roof to access the rear garden of a house he was working on.. His employer had undertaken no risk assessment of this activity and surprisingly had not obtained safe access either through the house or via a neighbours garden. Whilst walking across the roof it gave way and Mr G fell through the roof landing on a car that was parked in the garage below. The car absorbed a lot of the force and may have saved Mr G’s life. He did however suffer a moderate ankle injury.

Case handler

Dominic Moss is the principal Solicitor at our Cheshire office. He has over twelve years experience dealing with Claimant personal injury cases arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and slipping and tripping accidents. He has dealt with many high value cases involving complex orthopaedic and psychiatric cases.


Following settlement Mr G was able to go back to work with the same employer who has now tightened up his safety procedures.