Accidents on the Road

Car accidents are by their very nature are extremely stressful events.

We can help you by:

  • Obtaining compensation for your car injury claim
  • Recovering any loss of earnings you may have incurred from your car accident
  • Providing access to a replacement hire vehicle
  • Recovering any policy excess with your own insurers
  • Providing access to specialist rehabilitation care including physiotherapy

The difference we make

  • A member of our team will calmly guide you through the accident claims process and ensure that you receive help when it is most needed.
  • We take the pressure off you and deal with all the necessary enquiries with the third party and their insurers on your behalf.

Did you know?

  • If the defendant is not insured we should still be able to obtain compensation for your car injury claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Case Study


Mr J from North Wales sustained severe damages to his foot after a car ran over it leaving him with crushing injuries. Mr J was left in great pain and unable to continue his daily routine for some time.

What we did

One of Mr J’s friends recommended our professional personal injury practice, and our team wasted no time in locating the driver of the vehicle and we recovered £7,300 in compensation for our client.

Mr J was absolutely delighted with the outcome and as a thank you PIP Law awarded his friend £250 for his recommendation.


If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, then The Personal Injury Practice’s team of No Win No Fee Solicitors are here to help you.

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