Slips, Trips and Falls

Every year thousands of people suffer a fall for a variety of reasons in differing situations. You may for example have tripped due to a defective paving stone or hole on a footpath. Alternatively you may have slipped in a supermarket due to a wet floor, or tripped over an obstruction at work.

We can help you by:

  • Obtaining compensation for your injuries
  • Recovering any loss of earnings or other expenses you may have incurred
  • Dealing with the defendant and their insurers
  • Providing access to specialist rehabilitation care

Did you know?

  • Whatever the nature of your accident you may have recourse under law to claim compensation for your injuries.
  • Responsibility for falls in many public areas lies with the Local Authority. Owners of private premises must also ensure that they are in a safe condition for members of the public to use.
  • Similarly employers have a duty under law to ensure that the working environment is safe.

Case Study

The client tripped over shopping basket left by the tills in a local store.

What we did

Our client, Mr F, was a local person who wanted to be assured of a getting a good accident injury solicitor on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We obtained an award for compensation for the fractured knee he suffered. 


Our client was waiting at the tills in the local store but did not notice a wire shopping basket that had been left on the floor near the tills. The shop denied liability saying that the basket must have just been left there by another customer and the accident was not their fault. We, however, asked for the CCTV recording of the incident and were able to establish that the basket had been there for some time.

We obtained medical evidence to confirm the nature of the claimant’s injuries and we successfully negotiated a settlement all on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Case handler

Dominic Moss is the principal Solicitor at our Cheshire office. He has over twelve years experience dealing with Claimant personal injury cases arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and slipping and tripping accidents. He has dealt with many high value cases involving complex orthopaedic and psychiatric cases.


Following settlement Mr F obtained £8,500 for the injury and other out of pocket expenses. The strore has now put a basket holder in place at the end of the tills to prevent another person hurting themselves in the same way.

Client Testimonial

“I just want to thank Dominic and the team for doing such a great job. To be honest I didn’t think that you’d even be able to help me on a no win, no fee basis, never mind win me such a substantial sum”
Mr F