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PIP Law recover a further £3,050 from a closed case


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Mrs W from Crewe had previously made a personal injury claim using a local solicitors, but after the claim had been settled Mrs W was unsatisfied with the service she had received and the low sum she was awarded for her injuries. Mrs W felt that her case had been dealt with unprofessionally and had been settled to soon. 

What we did

Mrs W approached our professional personal injury practice and conveyed her disappointment with the outcome and service her previous solicitors had provided.

Pip Law then went back through her case details with a fine tooth comb and scrutinised all of the details, we discovered her previous solicitor were not through enough with her claim and mishandled it.

Our team of personal injury solicitors recovered a further £3,050 that the claimant should have been awarded in the first place, Mrs W was very grateful with the service PIP Law provided and the additional sum we recovered.

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PIP Law recover a further £3,050 from a closed case