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Switch Injury Lawyers

by pip-admin

Not happy ? Want to switch injury lawyers ?

Are you making a claim for injury compensation ? Are you unhappy with your current injury lawyers ? Sometimes you only realise that your solicitors are not up to the job when things get difficult.  Its not too late to change ! Switch injury lawyers now !

Many of our clients instructed injury lawyers that an insurance company or a claims company pushed them to. Sometimes the injury lawyers are unqualified or uncaring.

Case Study

In a recent case our client Mrs T of Cheshire was half way through a case and being pressurised to settle her claim for £4,000. She did not feel, that the compensation was enough and no one would listen to her.  Out of exasperation she called the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and luckily for her she was referred to our senior partner, Dominic Moss, who is a Fellow of APIL.

Dominic went out to see her and very quickly found that the offer was woefully low. Working hand in hand with the client he was able to take the claim forward and just a few months later, negotiated a settlement of £12,000 or three times what she had been offered before. Mrs T wrote to us a lovely note and said of us;

‘professional friendly service with excellent advice and follow up’

You don’t have to put up with uncaring injury lawyers who don’t listen to you.  If you recognise your situation here give us a call of fill in the contact form site today. Our initial advice is free and unbiased and at the very least you will get a second opinion.

It’s not too late to change  ! Switch injury lawyers Now!

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